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Egg Hunt Triathlon

In Triathlons on April 16, 2011 at 5:50 PM

Because suffering through the swim during my first triathlon two weeks ago was not enough, I just signed up for my second. Addiction is a bitch… and throw in some peer pressure, cause you don’t want to be left out of the fun, and you have a 45 year old woman thinking “what am I thinking..” all over again! At this point the only thing I can repeat to myself, like an on going mantra, is “I can do this. I can do this. I can do this.”

If you are wondering what happened during my first race, I can tell you right now. I panicked! I panicked in the water. I could not put my head into it without my heart pounding. I couldn’t breathe out. I tried floating on my back but then again panicked by the thought of the next wave of swimmers coming my way. I seriously thought they would run over me and of course pull me down.

If you’ve never done or seen an event like this, you might not know there are lifeguards on surfboards surrounding the swimmers in case people like me need help! I yelled “lifeguard!” and he threw me a lifesaver! I hung to that thing for a while until I caught my breath again. Bravely, I threw it back only to be yelling for it five minutes later. At that point I realized my life was more important than making another attempt to gracefully swim to the shore. The truth is I’m a conservationist… I’m all about conserving my life!

With the panic attack I exhausted all my energy, and my only chance of making it through was on my new BFF Mr. Life Saver. I had no clue if I would be disqualified for this, but I really didn’t care. My objective at that point was to finish the race and have a taste for what a triathlon was all about. My strategy was to move forward no matter what.

I made some other mistakes that at the end disqualified me. Additionally, I came in second to last. However, I felt like a champ. From the minute I entered the race my hopes of winning or averaging were null. I’ve never been a delusional person. But to suck the way I sucked was not a fantasy I had dabbled with! Nevertheless, the experience was one of the most incredible ever lived, and still today after registering for my second race and not 50% there with the swimming, I have a big smile on my face… The smile of a huge achievement in my life!

P.S. I’ve learned through the years that success is relative… Relative to you!

This is me coming out of the water with a smile on my face.

  1. This post is making me so worried about Saturday’s race…I am getting so anxious about the swim part……I am VERY scared!!! Hopefully we will all cross the finish line unharmed!

  2. We will cross it unharmed. And you will do great!!! If I survived the swim, you will do it in a breeze!

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