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Forget about that perfect suntan…

In Triathlons on April 18, 2011 at 5:40 PM

… you’ll never get it back. Unless, you really have spare time to toast yourself after training to even out those ridiculous marks left on your skin compliments of the tri-shorts, the one-piece bathing suits, or the two for that matter, the running shorts, tank tops, running shirts with sleeves, running shirts without, huge watches (like my GARMIN to which I’m emotionally attached to for many GOOD reasons), socks, no socks, chancletas (flip flops – HAD to write it in Spanish), and any other apparel or accessory you might think of. Just be aware that the extra time you will spend under the sun, trying to save your perfect suntan, can result in making you look like a prune. So, at my age, even if I could, I would skip the extra time under the incandescent star that makes our days light and warm.

I remember being a hard core sunbather during my teen years and early twenties. I would put anything onto my skin just to accelerate the tanning process… Things like Pepsi (when growing up in Venezuela, Pepsi was THE drink, not Coke), drinking carrot juice prior to frying your skin, and my favorite… Baby oil and iodine. That was THE best, quickest and most popular back in the day. And so easy to “manufacture”. A bottle of J&J
Baby Oil with as much iodine possible until the transparent fluid turned deep dark red.

These days, I try to plaster myself with sunscreen as much as I can. And I say try, because I normally forget. I’m not good at spreading creams, lotions, and such on my body, but the amount of time I’m spending training requires some proper skin care.

Interesting how things change as we evolve (never “grow old”)… Before, I purposely laid on the sun for the perfect tan, and for that did horrors to my skin. Now that I have no choice other than being under the sun, I cover myself in sunscreen only to achieve a tan comparable to that of a truck driver. Nice!

  1. I think we all have the worse tan ever!!! I have so many ugly tanning lines and it seems that sunblock is not doing much. It is just the beginning of a hot summer of training.

  2. Prepare for suntanning nightmare!

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