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Getting ready to hunt some eggs!

In Bike, Swim, Triathlons on April 20, 2011 at 12:03 PM

Not really. But that’s what the name of the tri I’m doing on Saturday implies… Egg Hunt Triathlon (http://egghunttriathlon.com).

Excitement and fear are the two sensations that have been accompanying me for the past months both on the relationship and training levels. On the relationship level I’m on cloud 9. I cannot complain. I finally found a pair of shoes that fit my big feet. The Garmin Dude is all I dreamed of and more. Yet fear hits every now and then, and the anxiety of what the future will bring, or not, crawls up my throat and asphyxiates me for seconds. Yet I repeat to myself: “Live the moment. Don’t think about the future. All you have is today. Enjoy every minute with The Dude.”

On a training level, I’m doing the race this Saturday, and you all know how the first one went. And if you don’t, click on: https://iwanttobeatriathlete.wordpress.com/2011/04/16/egg-hunt-triathlon/ for more info on that little chapter in my life. Excited because I want to race, I want to do this, I want to do this with my team mates and my coaches, and have fun with them. Fearful because of the swimming… enough said. The bike, even though I haven’t been on it as often as I should, doesn’t worry me. As long as I don’t fall off the bike with those terrible click shoes, I will move forward with everything that is inside of me, even if I don’t hydrate myself during the ride.

I’ve been swimming. Yes I have. On Saturday we trained with my coach, and on Sunday one of my friends and team mates went with me for an open water swim. She was there every step of the way, making sure I knew she was there next to me, ready to help in any way she could. Thanks Karla! I did good. Very good. On Monday I had planned to go out for a swim at the pool with The Dude, only to come home and find that one of my Pochos (that’s how I call my dogs), the oldest of all, had had a bio accident which even resulted in a full bath for him. This kind of wrecked my mood for a swim, so we stayed home and opted to eat cereal.

Yesterday, I went for a bike ride with The Dude. I grade the success of my rides based on my ability to not fall from it when I stop. Basically, on my agility to un-click myself from the pedals. So, on that basis it was a very successful 6 mile ride. Not much, but something to get into the race mood.

Tonight… agility training, and then some swimming with my coach. I can’t wait! I’m sure, and hoping, he will push the hell out of me without mercy so I can get better and leave my anxiety at home on Saturday!

Wish me luck!

  1. The anxiety is KILLING me…I am really considering not going, I don’t feel prepared at all and haven’t trained in 10 days. :O(

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