Where is My Mojo

Two days to go!

In Bike, Run, Swim, Triathlons on April 21, 2011 at 12:17 PM

While preparing both mentally and physically for the Egg Hunt Triathlon on Saturday, I can only think about the support I’ve gotten from my loved ones, team mates, regular friends. This is something that if you get the right moral support, it helps you get through. Hopefully it’ll get me through the swimming… if only this support would work as a live saver to keep me afloat in the water!!!

But no joke, to know that people are cheering for your efforts makes a great difference! My #1 fan, I must say, is The Garmin Dude, a.k.a. The Dude. Even when I told him I sucked BIG time during my first tri he said “I’m so proud of you”. He wanted to hear everything about it, because he couldn’t be there with me on race day. That was the weekend we had the kids, and to drag them to a race at 5:30am or even 7:00am was just a crime. He was so excited for me, it was like he had done the race himself. I sometimes wonder where he gets all his excitement and energy! I need to get me 100 pounds of that at times! I love the Dude, no doubt, and it really makes a difference knowing he supports me in this crazy affair I’m beginning with the tri world. Of course, he’s a triathlete too, so he clearly understands my new addiction.

I’ve also found a lot of support from my friends at work. Words like “The fact that you are doing it” “… trying to”  “… is a huge accomplishment.”  They keep me going in the right direction.  And also, my team mates. They suffer as much as I do, so we are constantly helping each other anyway we can. I’ve been extremely lucky in the swimming department because some of them go at my pace during the open water group sessions so I can build my confidence and avoid another panic attack… cause you know how that can go!

I’d like to mention that this is a type of sport that is better to do with team mates. I cannot imagine trying to do this on my own. And for those who do, I have the utmost respect for them. You are my heros. But for those like me, I think the best way to go about is to sign up with a training group, with coach included. And if not, there are many groups that although do not have a coach, are very well organized and members train together. I belong to both types of groups. I train with Andy Clark, Alien Endurance and Lee Zohlman, BodyZen who joined forces and created “THE Group”… that’s us, the triathletes training under them. We follow a daily program they give us, and also have group training sessions with them on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Additionally, I belong to a tri club named Miami Pace whose founder, Tachi Llamas, puts her heart and soul out to get the group hyped about training, competing, having fun during the process, and even socializing. I signed up with them because it’s a huge group that additionally goes out every Sunday on bike rides. Everybody in the group is at a different level,  so I can always find someone who rides at my slow pace and have company through out the ride. Being part of a group not only pushes you to train, and train the right way, but it gives you a sense of belonging… belonging to a community of people who you can share learnings from and have fun. You can only get better!

As I told my coach yesterday, my objectives for Saturday’s race are: 1) to be able to swim all the way without the need of a floating device, no matter what my pace is, and 2) pay more attention to the signals so I don’t get disqualified for stupid mistakes. I came in second to last on my first race and got disqualified. I think I have nothing to loose this Saturday! I feel I have improved, gotten better, just by the fact that I had the ovaries to sign up for another race!!! Yet I do ask you to wish me luck and keep me on the side of your brain that stores the good thoughts!!!

  1. Being there for each other has really helped, when one is down the other one brings the mood back up. Its amazing how much we all have supported each other and the amazing friendships we have created. I love it!

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