Where is My Mojo


In Bike, Run, Swim, Triathlons on May 5, 2011 at 4:42 PM

And so the Egg Hunt Triathlon came and went. On its way out, it left behind, and impregnated on me, the familiar post-event blues which I’ve always dreaded. Christmas, my birthday, trips, and any event that I await for with tremendous anticipation, leave me with a complete sense of loss and no purpose to continue moving at the same pace. I guess that’s why I immediately try to jump into something else, something new, or lately, another triathlon.

However, this time I think I’m exhausted. May 15th is Tri-Miami and I haven’t registered yet. I guess I want to take my time to train better in the open waters… and be able to swim freestyle all the way to the shore. Also, this week I haven’t been too diligent with my training. Saturday & Sunday I trained, but this week I haven’t done a thing. Today I’m swimming with my coach, and although I would prefer to go home and hide from the world, I will step up to my obligations.

Yes, I think I will be passing on this race and I’ll probably hate myself for it at the beginning, but my body is somehow asking for some rest. It’s amazing how a couple of days after the race I felt no pain, no aches, no nothing. Four days later, I felt the world had fallen on my back. It must’ve been that the adrenaline rush was coming to its expiration date leaving me in a complete state of soreness. Oh, but how I liked that soreness. It’s the sensation of personal triumph… you know, the I-feel-like-crap-but-look-at-all-I-accomplished sensation. Again, you feel like the champion of the world, of your own little world, which is completely Ok with me, because remember… success is relative!

Now, I need to stop because my writing juices are not flowing as they should. I hope tomorrow I’m in better shape and can write some more.

P.S.: I’m leaving you with some pictures from the Egg Hunt from the ride and run portion.


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