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Transition Bag

In Triathlons on May 5, 2011 at 6:47 PM

So I thought I could write about some of the equipment, accessories, apparel, etc every once in a while to keep me writing-wise busy and you guys reading!

Let’s talk transition bag… What? It’s the bag where you put all your gear for the race, from helmet to biking & running shoes, to even your wetsuit if the race is wetsuit legal. Add in your fluids, snacks, sunglasses, I even throw in a comb so I can look descent after the race. I got my Real Joe and Jane Bag by Rocket Science Sports for my second race. For the first one I was walking glamorously to the transition area with a big Longchamps bag with short handles. Not good. While a lot of my stuff fit into it, it was a hassle to carry around hanging from one shoulder while walking alongside my bike. My coach Andy recommended the Real Joe & Jane because everything fit well in it, and it had a nice price tag ($60). Because it’s a backpack your hands are free to maneuver your bike around. 

I can tell you it has been one of the best purchases I’ve made. EVERYTHING fits nicely in, and I agree with this review 100%!

BTW, they have it in pink for “little girls” but I got mine in red. Pink just isn’t my thing.


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