Where is My Mojo

Enjoying my last day of being 45.

In Triathlons on June 4, 2011 at 5:46 PM

That’s because tomorrow I will turn 46. Yes, I was born on the glorious June 5th of 1965 in Maracaibo, Venezuela. A Saturday, that was. Tomorrow, a Sunday, I decided to leave the entire responsibility of celebrating my day to The Dude, and he has cordially accepted the challenge… so I have no clue what we are doing, although he did mention perhaps going out swimming as one of the things to do on the itinerary. I’m guessing it’s open water, so that means beach so I think I’ll wear a bathing suit so I can start fading out this trucker’s tan I have on my body.

Anyway, today we went out on a group ride with our coach Andy, from Coconut Grove to Black Point Marina… a 30-something mile ride south. I’m pretty proud of myself because I think I worked hard to push myself as I had never done before on the bike. At least it felt that way while riding, and even more so, now as I write. My legs a sore… but you know… the “good” type of sore! After the ride, a group of us including our coach went for breakfast in the Grove, conversed and joked. Our coach was kind enough to pick up the tab, and we can only say THANK YOU!!!! We need to treat him next time!

From there I went over to the Dude’s for coffee, conversation, and a short “movie nap” with him and his little girl. I love this man. I love his family. I love that he’s in my life.

Now, after a hard day of cycling, I will make my way to a much needed and deserved mani and pedi… from there on the celebrations for my big day will commence and honestly I cannot wait.

BTW, the combination of Hooha and the DeSoto 400 mile shorts was awesome. I started feeling somewhat of a discomfort by the last couple of miles. Also, the Dude had an excellent idea last night… he suggested putting some HooHa in a ziplock bag, storing it in one of my pockets, and doing a “tune-up” upon arrival to Black Point Marina… it was a success!

Bye you guys! I don’t think I will be writing tomorrow…


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