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Trilogy Series – Race #1

In Swim, Triathlons on June 12, 2011 at 4:20 PM

And so I registered today for the first race of the Trilogy series. D-day: 6/19/11. Yes, next Sunday. As done with my other two races, my goal for this one is to be able to swim my 400 meters without stopping, freestyle… not back stroking like last time. As you can see, my goals are not too aggressive, and they are all related to the swimming portion of the race. And that’s because I came from doggy paddling and absolutely having no interest in water sports (unless I’m sporting a life jacket!)… I’m sure I drowned in a past life. Seriously. Going to the beach for me was more about hanging out on the sand and pouring some weird concoction onto my body to get super tanned. Now I actually love getting in the water and swimming.

Today, I went all by myself to Key Biscayne, to the exact location we normally do our group swims. The water is always flat and there’s a lot of people, so I didn’t feel I was swimming by myself. I did approximately 600 meters (probably less, cause no one is certain about the distances between the buoys), but I certainly did more than the 400 I need to do for the race. I kept a calm and steady pace, which felt very comfortable for me. On the last lap I increased my speed a little bit more, and it too felt very good. I think my strategy for the race will be something similar, so I’m not just cruising in the water like atourists on South Beach amazed by all they are encountering. My strategy in prep for the race will be trying to get my butt to the pool every single day of the week, starting tomorrow.

Today’s swim felt good. I had my doubts on doing Sunday’s race, but as soon as I got home I registered. I think I needed this little “swim test” to give me the final confidence push to register. I know I’ll be dreading the race on Saturday night, asking myself “Why am I doing this to myself?”… and paying for it, I might add. But I also know that come Sunday at the finish line I will feel like a million bucks, even if in reality I’m worth a penny. And that will be enough adrenaline rush to keep me on cloud 9 for a couple of hours or days, until once again the post-race blues kick-in, and then… and then, I’ll write that story when it happens.

For now, I just want to thank my coach, Andy Clark, for his help, dedication & patience in getting me in a better swimming shape! He knows how to kick our butts when it’s needed.

  1. Esa es la maneeeeeeeeeera! I’m so proud of you.

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