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Changing wardrobes

In Triathlons on June 17, 2011 at 6:50 PM

I remember the times I would go out shopping for shoes and bags… and pants… and tops… and silver rings… and… yes, my spare money was destined to these types of items. Those that would probably make me feel prettier, or nicer, or just more presentable. The type of items I would convince myself to buy, because God knew I needed my 10th Longchamps “Le Pliage” bag in the color and model I don’t have.

It’s important to note I’m not that 100% girlie type. The type that each strand of hair needs to be in its place, or that needs to have an impeccable makeup before going to work. Actually, as a teenager I was fond of Margaux Hemingway, because back in the late 70’s early 80’s, she was popular for sporting thick eyebrows. To me that was fabulous because it meant I didn’t have to go through the painful experience of plucking them.  But yes, in a different time and space, I did pay more attention to the makeup, the hair, the clothing, because after all the 80’s was happening, and who didn’t splatter a rainbow of colors on their eyelids? Or wear the BIG shoulder pads underneath blouses? I’m guilty your honor. So guilty, I felt weird going to the beach and not being able to wear my shoulder pads. Yes, it was that bad!

With experience (not “age”) I became more relaxed. And switching from the Venezuelan Corporate world to American Ad Agency one, also helped tremendously in changing my looks and dressing down. Style, I don’t have. I don’t think I follow any, but in general I’m more on the bohemian end of the spectrum. Now-a-days my closet is composed of a small collection of jeans, way too many t-shirts, and sandals, moccasins, and any other pair of shoes that yell “COMFORT“.

Now, since I’ve been submerging myself into the tri world, my shopping priorities and my looks are changing once again. To say that I’m dressing down even more so is an understatement. I shop for equipment, apparel (especially trying to find the right shorts for a pleasurable bike ride, if that is ever possible), gels, socks, swimming caps. I want to have it all, and I continue to convince myself that my life will positively change when I buy that 2XU cap, because the two Nike ones I have make me look odd. But as I just wrote that last line, I realized that even when dressing down to the minimum expression, getting dirty and smelly, I am more girlie than I ever thought I was and in my own little world I want to look good. 😉


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