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My car looks like a transition area

In Triathlons on June 18, 2011 at 2:30 PM

If you don’t know what a transition area is within the world of triathlons, it looks something like this. It’s the place where you place all the gear you need for your race. Just as you, everybody else is placing their gear. There’s a bike rack to hang your bike, and underneath it you have a very limited area to place your bike shoes, helmet, running shoes, and everything else. It’s pretty messy by the time the race is over.

These days my car looks like that. If I’m lucky, everything is inside the trunk. But days where we train and do all three disciplines I try to group the gear accordingly. On one side of the back seat floor I’ll gather the biking gear, and on the other side the running. As I change I start throwing stuff in and taking stuff out. So by the end of the session my car looks pretty much like the picture.

Luckily, it stays like that only until I get back home. That’s when everything goes back in place. Kinda like Cinderella’s carriage turning into a pumpkin by midnight.


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