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In Bike, Run, Swim, Triathlons on January 20, 2012 at 12:19 PM

Back to writing… back to training… back to finding a purpose in life.

Last year was a very exciting one with many races to train for. All in all I completed 7 triathlons and the ING half marathon which was the first event in 2011 and the only one I did with The Dude. I signed up for an 8th race, but a last minute getaway trip to Paris with The Dude was more appealing than swimming, biking and running for a total of 2 hours and something on a Sunday morning. So, the year ended on a high note and now I prepare myself for new athletic challenges this year… but first, I will bore you with a detail list of my accomplishments highlighting my swimming performance just to show you that a little bit of training and a good attitude can help you float on water…

  • ING Half Marathon/13.1 Miles on 1/31/11 – On mile 8 I had to walk because my knee was hurting pretty bad. The Dude and I walked together to the finish line, but as I was approaching it I started running in a “bunny hop” style. It was frustrating not to be able to run because of the knee, but to walk through the finish line was not acceptable. I think The Dude hates me for leaving him behind and not crossing it hand-in-hand with him, but all romanticism aside, this was very personal for me and had to do it on my own. Sorry Dude. 😦
  • Spring Training Triathlon/Sprint Distance on 4/3/11 – My first ever drowning experience due to a panic attack. I made it to shore with a floating device. I got disqualified, yet I felt like a champ. My total swimming time was 19:29. Total race: Doesn’t even show up cause I got, yes, disqualified!!! 🙂
  • Egg Hunt Triathlon/Sprint Distance on 4/23 – I was so terrified about this one given my previous race performance. I made it through the swim backstroking all the way. Hey! But I didn’t get DQ!!! My total swimming time was 24:15 (slower than the previous race, but no floatie!). Total race: 1:44:57. 🙂
  • Trilogy #1/Sprint Distance on 6/19/11 – This series was FUN! A beginner-friendly course and so many other athletes giving me support! I freestyled the entire swim and, if I felt like a champ on my first tri-race, on this one I was the queen of the world!!! My total swimming time: 13:05. Total race: 1:27:07. 🙂
  • Trilogy #2/Sprint Distance on 7/17/11 – Total swimming time: 11:15. Total race: 1:24:14. 🙂
  • Trilogy #3/Sprint Distance on 8/14/11 – Total swimming time: 12:07. Total race: 1:24:39. 🙂
  • Escape to Miami/Sprint Distance on 9/25/11 – Total swimming time: 20:15. Total race: 1:52:54. In my age group of 11 women, I came in 5th. So, it looks like I’m average, and being this average makes me happy! Now, the swim was a challenge. The current was so hard I felt I was going nowhere. The good news was that everyone else had a hard time with the swim as well because of the current. So, it wasn’t just me. 🙂
  • Miami Man/International Distance on 11/13/11 – Total time: 26:33. Total race: 3:08:08. Please note the time on the swim… 26 minutes and 33 seconds. Yes, you might say I’m getting slower. But no! This was my first international distance, and I swam 1000 meters as opposed to the 400 meters I had been doing on Sprint distances. Not too bad. This race and the Escape to Miami race were the most exciting to me. Maybe because they just felt like “grown up” races. 🙂 🙂

This year I’m signed up for the ING Half Marathon, Nautica South Beach Triathlon and Swim Miami, a swimming event for which I will swim a mile. Who would’ve thought that I would come this far from not being able to watch Sponge Bob Square Pants just because he was underwater I would freak out of breath. Now I even enjoy swimming. It’s not like I just do it because I have to, but I do enjoy it. Now I only have to overcome my fear of sharks and jellyfish when swimming in open water…

Thanks for reading!

  1. I am glad you are writing again. You are doing so great with your swim, you are my hero!!! Can I be like you when I grow up? LOL :P)

  2. Esoooooo carito!!! Poco a poco!!! See how much u can accomplish when u put ur mind to it?!?

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