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Our last long run before the ING

In Run on January 21, 2012 at 2:13 PM

Today we did our last long run before racing the ING Half Marathon next Sunday 1/29. Wow! As the date comes closer, I get more and more excited.

A 5 mile run was all there was to do. Like our coach Andy Clark said last week, from now on there’s nothing else to do to get better for the race. If we haven’t worked hard enough, there’s nothing that we can accomplish in two weeks to improve. If we’ve work hard enough, then it should be a breeze. By the way, click on his name to see how hot and mean he looks.

My challenge has always been my legs. Last year it was the knee. This year IT band. Last week’s 13-mile run was brutal, especially the last two miles. I was hurting pretty badly, and by mile 11 I had to walk. There was no way I could run. And that’s very frustrating when you are in great shape to the extent that you don’t get tired during a long run, and it’s just the legs that can’t do their job.

My strategy for next week… Take a break at every water station and stretch. This time is not about … time. It’s about being able to run the whole race and go through the finish line… running. And above all… enjoy it. I’m planning on taking out my phone and snapping some shots.

After this race, comes many more… another half marathon, a triathlon and a swimming event which I’m all set and signed up for. Additionally, today we started fumbling with the idea of doing the Disney Princess Half Marathon, which last year we couldn’t do because of injuries, despite being signed up. The excitement of doing a race in Disney sounds magical especially if you can wear a tutu while you  run (I have mine ready from last year). But we decided to hold our horses, wait for us to finish the ING and see if we can do Disney. Hopefully the gods of knee injuries will send their healing energy and I will dash through ING’s 13 miles directly to the Disney Half Marathon. Keep your fingers crossed and send your good thoughts my way!

Anyway, I’m excited and ready to wear the Alien Endurance t-shirt on Sunday January 29th and run with my team mates as a proud Alien!



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