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Tomorrow’s a big day…

In Run on January 27, 2012 at 11:00 PM

… but not as big as Sunday. Yet, I am excited and I can speak for my Alien Endurance team mates. Tomorrow we are picking up our bibs for the race at the ING Expo. But first, we will do a two mile run. So we will head to Miami Beach, do the run, and hit the Expo. I cannot wait to get my number and stroll around the booths along with my team mates. Trijungle, our “home” store, also has a booth. In their honor I will be sporting a Trijungle t-shirt and cap. While on Sunday it will be the Alien Endurance/Trijungle tee with the Alien cap. Yes, I already have that figured out. Who says you can’t have “style” while you run!

This year I have convinced myself in getting either jacket or a cap commemorating the occasion. I want to have something that reads “2012 ING Half Marathon” to remind me of this race. For some reason I feel it’s a very special one.

At the Garmin booth

At the 2011 ING Expo

I can’t believe just last year I was doing the same thing with The Dude… that is The Garmin Dude. This year he’s not running and can’t make it to the Expo either. So, I will miss him, but I’m sure he’s going to miss being there more. Yes, a year has passed by… and we are here again. I can only imagine I’m doing this race next year!

After the Expo we are going to have lunch and then we’ll head back home to rest and take it easy. At some point in the late afternoon, I will be playing Monopoly with The Dude and the kids, but will have to call it a night somewhat early. Just like tonight I’m hitting the sack early.

So this is good night, everybody! I feel like a little girl… I want to go to bed now so that tomorrow comes quickly!

  1. I will miss being there with you!

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