Where is My Mojo

The real last entry of the day

In Run on January 28, 2012 at 10:41 PM

I thought I had written the last entry of the day before the race, but it’s not true. I’m back again…

So I left it at going to The Dude’s for dinner… After that, I started playing Monopoly with Francisco, his 7 year old. Yes, Monopoly. A game I haven’t played since maybe Fran’s age back when we used to live in Chicago. I would sit there with my mom and siblings, and sometimes even my cousin Carmen, on the kitchen table, hot chocolate in one hand, and play a game I had no clue what it was about… yes, I knew it implied money and property acquisitions, a banker (normally my brother who would always cheat), taxes, going to jail, and for some reason passing through “Go” to collect $200. I wonder where “Go” is in real life. I’d like to collect $200 for just passing in front of it.

Fran and I were having a nice time, when suddenly The Dude broke the spell of the moment and brought me back, at the speed of light, to reality… “Amor, you have to go, you have to get up early tomorrow for the race.” Those words for a split second felt out of context, and suddenly the butterflies started to move their wings inside my stomach. My entire day of serenity came to an end when I heard those shocking words. Yes, there’s a race tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow is a very long day.

The butterflies are getting tired now, and I’m feeling better. I can only hope to get some sleep so I can wake up fresh by 3am. And if my mind gets all worked up, I will try to calm it down by using Frank Costanza’s famous words: “Serenity now! Serenity now!”


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