Where is My Mojo

Tomorrow is THE day!

In Run on January 28, 2012 at 7:15 PM

We had a great day today visiting the Expo and picking up our bibs, with a much needed lunch afterwards because we were starving! I’m happy to say I did manage to get a commemorative jacket and a long sleeve t-shirt. And also happy to announce that this year’s ING t-shirt is actually very nice. I like it much more than last year’s which has been lying in total darkness inside a drawer for the entire year.

With the two Franks!

My team mates

Now, tomorrow is the THE day and I’m overly excited. I know I won’t sleep, and I need to be up by 3am. I will set up two alarm clocks, cause I would hate that what happened to Jean Paul Jean-Paul on Seinfeld, happened to me. Because we are meeting at the race location at 5:15am with our coach to stretch, we are leaving at 4:30am from a friend’s house in a cab. I thought this was a brilliant idea! No looking for a parking spot, no stress. Brilliant!

Undoubtedly tomorrow will be a long day filled with excitement and tiredness, and for sure with a sense of loss once it’s all over. I normally get the post-race blues, and it’s terrible. Seriously terrible.

I have my race strategy in place … stop at every aid station to replenish and stretch, and continue, while focusing all the way on giving my body the extra energy so the muscles keep on going… I want to cross that finish line running, not hopping and grab my medal, so any additional happy thoughts that can help the cause, are most appreciated.

Now, I gotta go to have dinner with The Dude and kids… Good night, my friends and thanks for reading!


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