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Alien Endurance Tri training kicks off tomorrow… officially!

In Bike, Run, Swim, Triathlons on February 3, 2012 at 9:11 PM

Officially Tri season training starts tomorrow for us. With the ING in our memories, we now move forward to other important things. We kick-off with a bike-run brick. And I confess I haven’t been on the bike since Miami Man… I lie, actually I was on it once after that race, riding in Shark Valley… but never again!

Shark Valley lies in the heart of the Everglades, and that means only one thing: alligators!!! Well, mosquitoes too. There’s a 15 mile loop trail for biking, running and tours on a tram. I’d do the tour on the tram next time. I have no desire to run that trail. Although the gators are in the water, probably profoundly asleep, sometimes they get out for a walk. Ok, I’m sorry… clipped to some pedals riding by them is not something I want to do. I went with two friends, and one of them is an extremely obsessive animal lover. At one point she tells me “Carola, go to your left and just head straight”… of course I knew there was something… and that something was a huge long tail getting back into the water, which meant, that that alligator was actually out of it. This is the same friend that got me into triathlons… I should’ve learned my lesson… never trust her again!!! Anyway, as safe as they put it… “Oh, I’ve taken my kids to ride there thousands of times”, “If there were some kind of danger, they wouldn’t have it open for the public”, I was not comfortable. Especially with the thought of getting a flat tire and having to change it… there… in the middle of nowhere! And I need to remind you I’m not the fastest when it comes to changing tires… at least not yet. I’ve changed a couple and it’s taken me forever.

Anyway, I have no clue how I ended up talking about gators, when all I wanted to say is that tomorrow we are back as a complete group getting ready to tri season 2012… exciting times!!!



  1. cannot wait to read all about your season


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