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The Cyclist

In Bike, Triathlons on February 21, 2012 at 6:30 PM

I’ve been missing in action for many weeks. I got into a funk that partially debunked me. Additionally, I’ve been hating the idea of getting on my bike. Fear of the street. Not necessarily of cars passing by, but the idea of not being able to un-click from the pedals at any given intersection and crossing big avenues. On top of all, a triathlete in our community was killed last week product of a hit and run. His name, Aaron Cohen. This all happened on an early Wednesday morning going up the William Powell Bridge, better known as the Rickenbacker Causeway, a must for any cyclist or triathlete in town, as it’s the only “hill” we can enjoy. I never knew him and don’t even recall his face from any race I’ve participated in, but it affects us all one way or another, because it could’ve been any of us.

After his death, this video from Tony Blazejack resurfaced on Facebook. I had never seen it, but it was made in 2010 when yet another cyclist here in Miami was killed, also product of a hit and run, on the same bridge. And if I’m not wrong, on the same location. The music is beautifully haunting. Jill Hartmann, from what I gather, is a local singer. I’ve been able to find her on iTunes and will most certainly download her album. The song is called The Cyclist.

If you are a cyclist, be safe out there. Respect the traffic rules. If you are a driver, the same. And don’t forget that a person on a bike has less protection than someone in a car. So, don’t get annoyed if you have a cyclist in front of you. Try to be patient. It could be a loved one riding that bike.

Ghost Bike

Ghost Bike

P.S.: The video/film is beautifully done…


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