Where is My Mojo

Oh Lord! Mid-Life Crisis.

In Life, Swim, Triathlons on March 26, 2012 at 3:36 PM

Is THIS why I ventured into the world of triathlons??? If so… good! It’s much better than plastic surgery. Although it states that women resource to their femininity, and I’ve done quite the opposite.

I searched this topic after a conversation with a school friend last night about how he went through this and the paralyzing effects it had on him. How he couldn’t pin point what was going on, but he questioned himself on every level, even on a parenthood one. In some aspects it proved to be a disaster because he made precipitated decisions on delicate topics that cost him dearly. And only now he can look back and understand it all.

I have to agree that we get to a point where we stop and think “what the hell am I doing with my life?”, with the subsequent reactive question of “will I be able to at least impact the life of one living creature in a very extraordinary way?”

I’ve been feeling stagnate for a very long time, twirling inside the vortex of a hurricane of existential questions. The incessant talking of my mind driving me crazy for hours… Not only thinking of what to do, but also making up stories that have no real foundation, that can easily become the next Hollywood blockbuster. I now feel very compassionate for them screenwriters.

It looks like there’s hope! And with a stack of projects in my head, I try to weave out the ones I know for certain do not go with who I am, nor what I believe in, nor what I want to do or be. I have identified a couple of things that can work together hand in hand, thus making a difference in others’ lives… should I take action.

The beauty of it all is I just need to add some extra hours of preparation, while I can continue my regular life undisturbed. One imperative though, is the need to grow a pair of balls so I can finally do it. The downside is the unnecessary extra drag I will be producing with those things while swimming in a race!

To my friend, many thanks. Your input was an eye opener.

  1. sounds like it’s time for someone to go back to Bikram.

  2. Good to hear you made it! See you tomorrow bright and shine.

  3. Hi I am passing on the Liebster award to you…pass it on.

  4. […] and surprisingly today, my new follower Tri Grandma Try left me a comment on my post: Oh Lord! Mid-Life Crisis passing the same award on to me. You can check the post so you can see I’m not making this […]

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