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Let’s see what comes out

In Life on May 16, 2012 at 8:30 AM

In the past two months, it has been very difficult for me to keep myself motivated to write. So many excuses! I can blame it on almost anything. Even the moon. But at the end, I’m the only one to blame. It’s me who has been procrastinating and not wanting to do the exercise of looking in to see what I can write about. What is there to say. Is there anything interesting that people would like to read. I do have a lot to write about. I do. But it has nothing to do with triathlons. So I don’t write.

Before I was ten I was already writing. I truly cannot remember what I wrote about, but it must’ve been very profound when my mom would always tell me I had to become a writer. At that age my cynism was fully developed, and I would always respond “I would die of hunger”, because I knew, even back then, that this writing thing of mine was purely based on how inspired I was, and I also knew, I wasn’t always inspired. So, making a life out writing was not going to put food on my table.

Aside from the inspiration, my ever so changing nature, would’ve also hindered my writing career. This changing nature I speak of does not allow me to stick to one thing. To one topic of conversation. To just one activity. To just one book…

The problem is I’m a Gemini and therefore, I am cursed!!!

The “Terrible Twins”, I sometimes feel like there are 30 pairs of twins inside of me.

Now, check this out from Wikipedia:

“The sign is seasonally associated with the transition from spring to summer. Because of its association with a change of season, astrologists describe it as a ‘mutable sign‘,[2]:88 describing an instinct and impulse towards change and versatility, and an easy ability to adapt to the demands of the environment.”

A mutable sign…  What? Here are some definitions: 1) Capable of or subject to change or alteration. 2) Prone to frequent change; inconstant: mutable weather patterns. 3) Tending to undergo genetic mutation: a mutable organism; a mutable gene. Ok, the third one is a little bit of a stretch for me at this point. BUT, the first and second give you an idea of who I am. Let’s continue dissecting the paragraph. I am in constant change. In total alteration. Not only that, it seems I have “an instinct and impulse towards change and versatility“, it’s there! I have an instinct. Something that probably I cannot control. I’m screwed! I do consider myself versatile. I think I am sorta good in many things, but not an expert in anything. Finally, I easily adapt to the demands of the environment. Ok, that ain’t all too bad. I can work with difficult people. I’ve been told many times I have “mano izquierda” (left hand)… that means I have a way to deal with difficult people in difficult situations.

To be honest, these traits make me tired. I think a lot. And even when I have no intention of writing on my blog, I end up writing in my head, because communication rules my life. I need to talk. Express. Share. All this while I am mutating every other heart beat.

And as you can see, my blog has mutated today into a mutable topic about a mutating woman who is talking absolutely non-sense. That’s why I alerted you with the title “Let’s see what comes out”. It was either this or nothing.

At this age I was already writing

  1. Definitely… GEMINI! 🙂

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