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It’s been a while…

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… since I last wrote. I don’t even want to look at the date of my last entry. Why bother? I know it’s been long.

So many things happened in between. The love of my life, my dog Socrates a.k.a. Pocho, passed away; I broke up with my boyfriend a gazillion times and got back with him; I had a lot of work; I trained like crazy; I completed my first Ironman 70.3 and did some other races; I started my way back into my spiritual journey, and many other things along the way.

All in all, it was a good long while, with it’s plusses and minuses; yet I still carry a heavy heart for the loss of my favorite little guy. I had to make the decision of putting him to sleep and that’s one that can haunt you forever. This, by far, has been the darkest hour of my life.


And the brightest was finishing the ESI IronMan 70.3 Augusta on 9/29/12 in 6:53:48. If that’s a good time or not, it’s all relative, but I finished strong and happy, feeling like a champ. Satisfied for the entire journey towards Augusta… all the training… the trip with my coach and teammates… the unconditional attention from my boyfriend who made sure I enjoyed every minute of MY moment… the packet pick-up… race day… THE FINISH LINE.




Above, stopping before the finish line for a photo with a handkerchief printed with Pocho’s face. He made it with me through the race!


Photo Oct 04, 6 27 52 PM

That is me above feeling proud and happy with my medal.

This is me below bragging because I can.

Photo Oct 11, 10 45 58 AM

This year started off with the ING Half Marathon (results here) and the Chapman Wild Run 5k (got third place in my age group; first time ever). Next in line are: the Disney Princess Half Marathon at the end of the month; the Nautica South Beach Triatlon (the first tri of the season) and the Key Biscayne Half Marathon in April. There are many other races I’m doing this year but have not signed up yet… and yes, one of them is Augusta, and another Ironman 70.3, probably Haines City.

Life is good!!! And while I am happy doing the things I like, my heart will always weep silent tears for my little man Pocho


  1. OMG, I am SO sorry about the loss of your sweet little Pocho. The photographs shows the tenderness and love that you two obviously shared–a bond that cannot be broken, even in death. I had to let my Aubrey Anne (black cocker spaniel) go to sleep 9 years ago May 10; and while I will forever remember that I had to help her, I will also remember the misery that was her last day. Breathing in the air that she breathed out, in order that a part of her would be inside of me. Oh, I am crying just thinking about it, but I tell you what. Even though I was physically ill (no joke) from the sorrow and grief for over a month, I eventually learned I could live without her–as you have too. I lost three cockers that year (old age) and a husband. I miss my dogs, but found a new love of my life. And a sweet border collie whippet cross, Dulcinea, that has helped me love again. I miss the fluffy legs, the long ears, the sweet tender kisses, the quiet cuddling, and so many other things. I would love to read about your Pocho, if you’re ever so inclined.
    In the meantime, CONGRATULATIONS on your 70.3! Holy moly, that is an amazing accomplishment. Pocho would be proud–I know Dulcinea and I are very proud. AND glad that you’re back. I’ve missed your blog, a lot.

    • Thank you soooo much, Sandra. It’s been hard. Just yesterday I got choked up when I mentioned his name. It’s hard. When Pocho passed away, I had another dog, Chema, and in December I adopted a new one, Cato. They keep me busy, and happy, and laughing, and while I love them and care for them, my heart is somewhat heavy for Pocho. I’m sure he would be proud of my 70.3 accomplishment. And to tell you the truth, he was there with me every step of the way. He even cross the finish line in my heart, and on a handkerchief I had printed with his face which I will add to this post so you can see. Give me some minutes to look for the picture and upload it to this post. Thank you for reading and your good thoughts.

  2. What a beautiful idea. . . I will check back. I know what you mean. I still miss my cockers, and it’s been 10 years since Aubrey died, not 9. Charlie died June 24, 2004.
    By the way, exactly a year after Aubrey died, my first niece born in the US was born–and I got to hold her. What a beautiful circle of life, eh?

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