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A Smelly Day

In Life on February 13, 2013 at 6:00 PM

This is triathlon unrelated, but since I have nothing related to talk about, I’ll tell you about my scent today…

I’ve been using for quite some time organic oils instead of perfumes. I actually own only one branded perfume I got as a birthday gift. Other than that, I have a collection of oils that I buy at Whole Foods. Some I like more than others. And I typically mix two of them… so basically I create my own aromas.

Today I used an oil I barely ever use. And I now remember why.


It’s very intense. Very. But the worse thing was that as I was pouring it on the palm of my hand to later splatter it on my body, an incredible amount came out of the tiny bottle. I tried putting some back, but I couldn’t, so I just threw it on me.

By the time I went to Starbucks to get my morning coffee fix, I couldn’t stand myself. And when I came into the office, a lot of people were complaining on the smell of incense that was lingering around. LOL… It was ME!!!! ME!!!! I swear, I was leaving a trail of incense every where I went. People on the other side of the office from where I sit, were wondering where the smell came from… it was me! I had been on that side of the office for a brief moment just to pick up something from the printer.

During an agency presentation I felt bad for all of those around me. But at the same time I was cracking up. I could only imagine their thoughts.

The day is almost gone and I still smell like a giant incense stick burning wild. I now know better… hopefully.

This is what my bathroom cabinet looked like a couple of months ago… now there is more. But you can see the little lethal bottle of the Nag Champa Triloka oil. Stay away from that thing!!!


  1. Just keep the lemongrass up front for me!

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