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Three hours alone with Cato

In Life on March 3, 2013 at 5:35 PM

So, what am I supposed to write about today? It’s not easy to have a blog. Then again, people just write about anything that’s going on or have done in any given moment. Therefore, I will tell you about my Sunday, while one of my dogs’ paws is laying on top of my left hand just because he wants me to carres him.

This morning I slept in. Yeay for me. I’m mentally exhausted for several reasons, so being able to get some rest, mental rest that is, feels good. The usual after I get up… bathroom, brush teeth, get decently dressed, take the boys out for their walk around the block, come back home, feed them, and then… what? Should I have breakfast at home? Or go to Starbucks? Decisions. Decisions. Then, which of my dogs should I bring with me? Sweet Chema who pees on every tree? Or crazy Cato who really needs to be socialized because when all three of us go for walks, he goes bizerk when people or dogs make their way through our path. Decisions. Decisions. And this was not an easy one, cause Chema is so sweet and well-behaved he deserved the outing. But I needed to check on Cato’s social skills and being able to correct him at the moment something would happen. So, I took the little one with me.

We drove to downtown Coconut Grove, a 5 minute ride, parked and off we went. It’s amazing how well he was doing by not having his brother next to him. The fact that he didn’t have to either prove himself or protect us from possible threats. Going into Starbucks was a breeze with him. Two kids that were making the line behind us started talking to me about Cato. The one who talked the most told me they had two Schnauzers and two Westies. One of the Schnauzers was 5 months old. He was amazed by Cato’s color because he had never seen a liver colored Schnauzer. While he was amazed by Cato, I was amazed that this teenage kid had initiated a conversation with a much older person, and was really into it. I know few kids that age who like to talk to adults. Or even able to put a sentence together. Anyway, he told me all about the 5 month old and I told him about Cato. He asked if he could take a picture of him to show his mom. And by the time we said goodbye, he said “If my mom sees him she will take him away.” To what I replied “I’m sure she will return him.” LOL Cato is very energetic.

While I was having my Venti Wet Soy Cappuccino with three raw sugars and oatmeal with soy milk, Cato, who I had tied to my chair, was going crazy with all the little birds flying around. He was very attentive to their movements and tried to chase them several times, only to realize he was going nowhere.

Cato observing birds.

Cato observing birds.

We then walked around and he was cool. If a dog would approached us, he would bark but nothing crazy. And with people, and especially men, he was a sweet heart. We got back into the car and drove a minute over to my friend Princess Karla just to say hi. We were there for maybe 30 minutes or more, and her dog Dexter and Cato got along well. But Cato was not interested in playing, especially after discovering a pile of sunflower seeds she had laying on a plant to feed birds. I have no idea how many seeds he munched on, but this guy was having a feast. I guess it was like having Skittles, you just can’t have one. I finally carried him so he wouldn’t eat them all, and of course so he wouldn’t have an upset tummy later.

From her house we drove one more block to Gifford Lane where a small art festival was taking place. The Gifford Lane Art Stroll was just what Cato needed to graduate summa cum laude from this outing. Not only there were a lot of people strolling from one booth to the other, there were as many dogs. Some of them he didn’t even pay attention to. Others he sniffed, growled a bit, but when corrected he got calmed. Many people stopped me to compliment me on his colors. A couple asked me where I had gotten him. They had a Schnauzer and were looking for a little brother for him, after their long time White Schnauzer passed away last year. Sound familiar? So we engaged in a conversation of our losses and how brilliant our little lost angels were. I, of course, showed them my phone case that has a picture of Pocho, and some photos I have as screen saver and wallpaper. I recommended them to look into Schnauzer Love Rescue, the rescue Cato came from and also Zacarías, an older dog I had who passed away a couple of years ago. They were very interested in contacting them. I hope they do. I really love this rescue organization.

Pocho, the love of my life.

Pocho, the love of my life.

Zacarías, aka Zack or El Viejo, was my other Schnauzer Love Rescue rescue.

Zacarías, aka Zack or El Viejo, was my other Schnauzer Love Rescue rescue.

So after our lovely, calmed walk, Cato and I jumped back into the car for our 5 minute drive back home, to grab Chema and go for a short bio break, and to wake up to reality because while Cato excelled on “Walking alone with momma 101”, he terribly flunked “Walking with momma and Chema 101”.

Sweet Chema.

Sweet Chema.


A day of a lot and nothing at all.

In Life, Triathlons on February 15, 2013 at 5:54 PM

Today there’s not much to talk about, other than it’s been raining in Miami almost all day, and that means probably tomorrow’s training session will take place in the gym and no swimming. At least it’s not raining meteors around here.

A day packed with work that started very early for me because one of my dogs had a reaction to the flea/heart worm medication and the poor thing was scratching like crazy. So, very early in the morning… I think it was around 4, I took him out for a bio break and then treated him with some love and Reiki. He fell asleep on my chest for an hour until he was ready for action.


Tonight is family time with The Dude’s (the boyfriend) and his kids, and then late happy hour with some of my tri-friends.

The rest of the weekend will be filled with many activities, including the Coconut Grove Arts Festival, and perhaps rain too.

If I do anything extraordinarily interesting I will report back. For now, I have nothing else to say.

Have an awesome weekend and, if you are lucky as I am, happy LONG weekend!

Florida. The Sunshine State.

In Bike, Triathlons on June 27, 2012 at 9:45 AM

Not really! While we can’t complain of the beautiful weather we have down here in Miami all year round, our summers tend to be very wet… It’s Hurricane Season!!! So, when you get up at 5am to meet your teammates for a 6:30am bike ride and it’s starts drizzling, you really don’t know what to do. Should I just abort the plan and get back into bed? Is the rain going to get worse? Do I wait until it’s 6:15am to see if it actually stops? If it’s not THAT bad? Should I just hit the gym and bore myself to death on a stationary bike? All very valid questions, especially the first one!!! I decided to make an executive decision this morning and just go to the gym. I changed my “Lady” Alien Endurance Uniform (“Lady” because this one is pink; our official one is orange & black which I TOTALLY love) for regular shorts and t-shirt (I was NOT going to the gym with a tri uniform to sit on a bike that was not going to take me anywhere!!!) and out the door I went.

Several months ago, to not say just weeks, I would’ve gotten back into bed. But this “new” me didn’t think twice to get the workout done whatever way it was necessary and in the morning. Yes, “in the morning” because tonight we have track workout with the team, and it’s a pretty awesome workout I don’t want to miss.

The reality is that the “new” me signed up for a Half IronMan, the one in Augusta on 9/30, and I need to get my act together. This is not material to fool around with. This is big. So, I really have to train. I won’t be able to wiggle it like I had done in a couple of past races. This is grown up stuff, so I have to grow up.

I’ve been sticking to my program as much as I can. I’ve been actually doing all of it except for the strengthening workout which I know I need! I know! I know! I can hear my coach repeating this to us constantly, and I have yet to pay attention. Shame on me!

So, I know I shouldn’t complain because of the weather… some folks have it worse living in cold areas, high altitude, etc… but it really sucks when you are scheduled for an outdoor workout and you are stuck in your house wondering what to do.

Below a shot of my “fun” bike ride, watching CNN and hoping my one hour workout flies…

Stationary Bike - Boring piece of equipment but saved the day.

Tomorrow is THE day!

In Run on January 28, 2012 at 7:15 PM

We had a great day today visiting the Expo and picking up our bibs, with a much needed lunch afterwards because we were starving! I’m happy to say I did manage to get a commemorative jacket and a long sleeve t-shirt. And also happy to announce that this year’s ING t-shirt is actually very nice. I like it much more than last year’s which has been lying in total darkness inside a drawer for the entire year.

With the two Franks!

My team mates

Now, tomorrow is the THE day and I’m overly excited. I know I won’t sleep, and I need to be up by 3am. I will set up two alarm clocks, cause I would hate that what happened to Jean Paul Jean-Paul on Seinfeld, happened to me. Because we are meeting at the race location at 5:15am with our coach to stretch, we are leaving at 4:30am from a friend’s house in a cab. I thought this was a brilliant idea! No looking for a parking spot, no stress. Brilliant!

Undoubtedly tomorrow will be a long day filled with excitement and tiredness, and for sure with a sense of loss once it’s all over. I normally get the post-race blues, and it’s terrible. Seriously terrible.

I have my race strategy in place … stop at every aid station to replenish and stretch, and continue, while focusing all the way on giving my body the extra energy so the muscles keep on going… I want to cross that finish line running, not hopping and grab my medal, so any additional happy thoughts that can help the cause, are most appreciated.

Now, I gotta go to have dinner with The Dude and kids… Good night, my friends and thanks for reading!